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Trust administration can be difficult and complicated.  The death of a loved one involves not only the grief process but also many complex matters to consider and deal with in settling the affairs.  With the necessary experience to assist you in these matters, a swift conclusion will be sought. Serving in San Francisco as a trust and litigation lawyer and a probate attorney Scott Bassin will deal with issues within California and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The complicated issues that may relate to settling the affairs of a decedent can include rights of beneficiaries, handling creditors, business management, real estate, investments and tax matters. There can also be litigation relating to these issues.  Here, a San Francisco lawyer will help you through these complexities.

Assistance can be given in these matters:

  • Settling probate and distributing property to those entitled to it;
  • Issues relating to the duties of trustees, executors and fiduciaries;
  • Creditors Claims (whether seeking collection or negotiation and settling claims);
  • Partition of real property;
  • Rights and interests of surviving spouses;
  • Title and ownership issues of real estate, stock and bond investments, and other assets;
  • Surcharge against fiduciaries that squander estate or trust assets;
  • Reimbursement for fiduciaries who expend their own funds to benefit an estate;
  • Fiduciaries removal or defense against efforts to remove a fiduciary;
  • Trust or Will Contests or defense of such-contests;
  • Undue Influence (forcing someone to make a gift or will against their wishes);
  • Capacity Issues;
  • Issues relating to contracts.
  • Omitted estate beneficiaries

San Francisco trust administration lawyer   Scott Bassin offers personalized assistance in resolution of probate and trust administration issues.  He will make every effort to bring your matter to a quick resolution in a cost effective manner.

If you need a San Francisco lawyer to help you simplify the administration of a trust or estate, or for trust litigation, real estate, business matters or estate planning contact a San Francisco probate attorney at Scott I. Bassin, A Professional Corporation.

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