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When a loved one passes away, there are many difficult tasks that must be addressed at a time when most survivors are dealing with grieving for their loss.

We will make this process as smooth and easy as possible so that court appearances by you can be kept to a minimum.  In some circumstances a full probate may be avoided entirely. 

If your loved one died either without any will or estate plan or only with a will, contact us and we will make every effort to complete the settlement of the estate as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We can assist with transfers and sales of real estate, distribution of estate property to those entitled to it, obtaining values of property to assist in the completion of necessary tax returns and other matters required to close out the affairs of a deceased person.

Scott I. Bassin has being practicing in San Francisco, California since 1981 and will make every effort to handle whatever tasks may be necessary to settle your estate matters.

At the Northern California law firm of Scott I. Bassin, extensive experience and the wealth of complementary disciplines foster favorable resolutions for our clients. For example, estate planning,  family law, real estate   issues and other matters may be necessary to the probate of your loved one's estate.

We offer experience, creativity, and personalized service to clients facing not only a legal problem, but a difficult life situation. Contact us today. Telephone 415-753-5245


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