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A person can make a simple estate plan by use of a will. However a will requires the court process of probate to conclude the decedent's affairs.  A San Francisco lawyer can provide you with alternatives to probate such as a probate avoidance trust.  This can save your loved ones considerable expense and difficulties in settling your affairs and carrying out your wishes.   You should contact a Northern California estate planning lawyer for resolution of these legal issues.

Every effort is made to  bring clients the experience and knowledge of many areas of the law such as estate planning, probate administration and real estate law. Estate administration can include asset division as in a divorce or partnership or business dissolution and the reallocation of assets between entitled parties.  

Planning an Estate

In planning for the distribution of real and personal property upon death, we offer advice and guidance with regard to the following:

Living trusts

Last Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney (for financial matters)

Limited and Springing Powers of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Living Will

Probate Administration & Litigation
A probate proceeding is the court-supervised administration of an estate that may be necessary if property is left with or without a will. We can assist you in the orderly transfer of assets and the closing of the business and properties affairs of a decedent.  We also oversee the transfer of trust assets (trust administration and litigation), and handle estate litigation matters. 

Contact a San Francisco probate attorney for help.   You case will be handled by an experience lawyer.  The attorney assist with efficient administration of the estate.

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